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g_r_a_p_h_i_x's Journal

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Owner: snosberry Stacybear69@yahoo.com
Co-owner: shakingpink
*If you have any questions feel free to ask us. We'll be happy to help you*

we have new rules (#19) and new makers punk_kitteness & drquinzel
at the moment only _fairydust_, punk_kitteness & < lj user="drquinzel"> are taking requests.

before you join the community, please check if you have:
[1] icon keywords. we usually won't add you to the community if you don't have keywords.
[2] credited the makers who made you icons.
[3] linked g_r_a_p_h_i_x if you had requested from us before.
* you'll not be accepted if you stole icons/graphics before.

[1] You have to be a member.
[2] All posts MUST be friends only. If its not, your post will be deleted.
[3] Do not direct link (this means if you take a picture and just look on properties take the picture URL and paste) YOU MUST SAVE IT ON YOUR SERVER AND UPLOAD IT. Your post will be deleted.
[4] Do not post your community here. I dont care what the reason is, DONT DO IT! The post will be deleted.
[5] Pick ups will be deleted in 5 days. Sorry I think one week is long enough.
[6] Do not request more than once a week.
[7] Request one graphic only at a time.
[8] You have to put our link on your LJ before or after image is made. If we make you an image and see it on you site and you do NOT have our link on there we will give you a warning and if you still dont, we will ban you. Its not that hard of a rule. :)
[10] When requesting an icon, you the member must give us a photo to make it.
[11] Dont request in somone elses post and/or comments. Make your own. To lazy? Then we are too lazy to make you one.
[12] Do not fill any requests or post your graphics if you're not on the makers list.
[13] NO crossposting is allowed, if we found out you cross-posted your request in other communities, your request will not be done.
[14] We don't do COPIES, but you can request something similar =] (similar does not mean different colours or pictures, it means different effects, background and even concept!)
[15] DON'T request copies of our graphics in other communities, request it HERE!
[16] If you request an icon, you must use it. Do not request and icon if you are not going to use it. Some people are requesting graphics saying they will credit when they use it, and 4 months later use it and forget who to credit. Dont request here if you are not going to use it. The makers spend to much time on this stuff for that.
[17] DON'T request for your friends/family members, just don't request for the others.
[18] You must specifiy a maker to work on your request, your request will get done faster in this way.
[19] We have full time makers and part time makers. You can make requests to full time makers at all time, BUT our full time makers will only take 3 requests a day. Our part time makers will make posts when they take requests. so please check the old posts before you request a certain maker to work on your graphic.

you don't have to use the request form if you know how to request, it's for those who don't. =]

Request form
[1] Who would you want to request from? (must request a maker/makers) please put this part in your entry TITLE!
[2] What kind of graphics are you looking for? (header? friends only banner? icon? glitter name? blinkies? button?)
[3] If it's a header/banner, how big do you want it to be?
[4] What pictures do you want to be used? either give us the link or post it under a lj cut. (if you don't know how to use the lj-cut code, scroll down there's a lj cut code for you to copy and paste at the bottom.)
[5] colours?
[6] Text?
[7] What kind of fonts do you want?
[8] Do you want animation? if so, explain it or give us an example.
[9] Anything else? (if you have an example, feel free to show us here)
Is your post Friends Only?it'll be deleted if it's not.


[1] shakingpink :: icon, banner [part time]
[2] fuxk_perfection :: Icon, header, banner [part time]
[3] punk_kitteness :: Icon, header, banner [part time]
[4] drquinzel :: icon, header, banner [full time] 3 requests a day.
(makers will state what kind of request they are taking in their posts)

[1] _fairydust_ :: blinkies & glitter name Examples [full time] 3 requests a day
[2] trble :: blinkies & glitter name [part time]

full time maker: You can make requests to full time makers throughtout the week, BUT each full time maker will only take 3 requests a day.
part time maker: Part time makers won't be able to take requests throughtout the week, so when they take requests, they will make posts to let you know. so please check the posts before you request.

click here for your request dates!

[1] esthetic reason: icon stealing
[2] minaz reason: making requests with 2 different usernames
[3] _myowndecember_ reason: icon stealing

behave yourself & follow the rules, keep yourself away from being listed here.

lj cut code: (lj-cut text="blah blah..")things you wanna put under the cut(/lj-cut)
link a lj user/community: (lj user="name of the user or community)
link to a site: (a href="http://..")text you wanna display(/a)
display a picture: (img src="url of your pictrue")

* but change () to <>

wanna be linked here??feel free to contact us =]

wanna link us??
use them:
by drquinzel
by shakingpink

Please do not direct link. If you dont know how to post a button then just stick with the ol (lj comm="G_r_a_p_h_i_x") but make the ( ) < > got it?